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high school team, collegiate and pro-level play

Professional level coaching and ​instruction for people of all ages ​and especially junior tennis ​players that will lead to ​scholarships, high school team, ​collegiate and pro-level play.

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The Steven Nash Tennis Academy (SNTA) is a high skill, ​developmental program for all ages and ability levels. We ​provide competitive, professional level instruction to a diverse ​group of juniors and adults.

The SNTA builds upon a tradition of athletic and academic ​excellence and mentorship that has produced generations of ​high school, collegiate and pro-athletes. The SNTA is located ​in the heart of Northeast Park Hill, a historically diverse and ​primarily African American neighborhood in Denver, Colorado.

Ultimately we seek to establish our own professional-grade ​facility for junior and adult athletes to learn, train, compete ​and grow the game of tennis.

Steven R. Nash

President and Founder

Steven Nash Tennis Academy


  • Recruit and train the next generation of junior ​athletes in Northeast Park Hill and beyond.
  • Emphasize sportsmanship, consistency, respect, ​discipline and mutual support.
  • Present a training regiment for tennis that will ​serve athletes throughout their lives.
  • Bring tennis to a diverse community of all ages ​and ability levels.

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Create a world-class tennis-training facility in the ​heart of Northeast Park Hill in Denver where a ​diverse group of junior and adult athletes can ​train and compete.


  • This is a high-skill developmental program for all ​ages and ability levels.

  • This is an accelerated, science-based, technical ​program designed for current and future athletes.


  • Students will learn to play the fun, engaging, social ​and competitive game of tennis!

  • Students will learn the science, strategy and ​precise mechanics for shot-making.

  • Students will learn reliable strokes and continually ​improve their game.


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Steven R. Nash

Steven R. Nash is the President and Founder of the ​Steven Nash Tennis Academy, and a professional tennis ​player who grew up and lives in Northeast Park Hill, ​Denver, Colorado.

At age 15, inspired by Arthur Ashe and taught the basics ​by his older brother, he fell in love with the game and ​has trained and played ever since. In addition to playing ​tournaments in country clubs throughout Colorado, he ​played on the George Washington High School tennis ​team in Denver, and subsequently earned a full tennis ​scholarship to The University of Northern Colorado.

At the University of Northern Colorado he was the first ​freshman ever elected to play on the varsity tennis team. ​He was then recruited by Metropolitan State College in ​Denver and transferred to be the number one player on ​their varsity team, and the first African-American player ​to hold that distinction.

Accolades include, but are not limited to:

● Presently Open Tournament Player with multiple ​tournament wins at every level

● Collegiate state champion, Mesa College State ​Open

● NCTA II Participation in Kansas City

Over the past 35 years Mr. Nash has developed a ​precise and concise teaching style that provides ​consistent modeling and practice of excellent ​mechanics. By understanding the movement and ​science behind shot-making, players can continually ​improve their game.

A Master racket stringer, he tests and evaluates ​strings and rackets, adjusting and learning with each ​new innovation.

SNTA Membership

Membership Benefits:

  • Foundational Course included: “Become a Tennis ​Player in a Week” Clinic - Become a competent player in ​a week through understanding the fundamentals of ​competitive play. During Summer 2024, SNTA Members ​may repeat the course and practice at no additional ​cost.

  • Access to all SNTA programs and private lessons.

  • Racquet Stringing Demo

  • Updates on tournaments and scholarship opportunities ​offered through the United States Tennis Association ​and other organizations.

SNTA Membership Fee: $400

Cash, check or money order accepted

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Junior tennis (8-18)

When: June 10- July 26


9:00-10:00 am

Begin any Monday

Where: McAuliffe International School Tennis Courts

2580 Holly Street on 25th Avenue

Denver, CO. 80207

Cost: $400.00 Cash, Check, Money Order accepted

Registration: Please see Registration Page.

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Become a Tennis Player in a Week...

and train all Summer Long!

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“Become a Tennis ​Player in a Week”

5 Day Curriculum

Become a competent ​player in a week through ​understanding the ​fundamentals of ​competitive play. This ​intensive and fast-paced ​course teaches one ​aspect of the game each ​day of the week.

May repeat the course ​and practice at no ​additional cost on a drop-​in/daily basis.

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Tennis for Adults

Tennis for Teams

Teachers. Teams. Women. Men

Become a Tennis Player in A Week!

The SNTA Travels to your Location

Become a Tennis Player in a Week!

Five Day Clinic

When: June 10- July 26


10:30-11:30 am

Begin any Monday!

May repeat the course at no extra cost on a

drop-in/daily basis through July 26.

Where: McAuliffe International School Tennis Courts

2580 Holly Street on 25th Avenue

Denver, CO. 80207

Cost: $400.00 Cash, Check, Money Order accepted

Registration - Please see Registration Page.

Please contact us for more information:

(720) 461-7904 or annesnta@gmail.com

Tennis Racket and Ball

Private Lessons and Coaching

Prepare for team and tournament play!

  • Learn match play strategies through super ​competitive drills

  • Serve and volley strategies
    • 1st serve and 1st volley drills
    • How to play Serve and Volley consistently

  • Learn power forehand and backhand to facilitate ​winning shots through pinpoint accuracy

  • Super advancement through personal coaching

  • Navigate and prepare for High School Varsity tennis

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For more information ​please contact

Anne Ginnold:

(720) 461-7904 or ​annesnta@gmail.com


1) Please fill out pre-registration form here

or call/email annesnta@gmail.com or (720)461-7904.

2) Attend Saturday in-Person Registration for payment, packet and racquet!

Where: McAuliffe International School Tennis Courts on 25th Avenue

2540 Holly Street

Denver, Colorado 80207

When: Saturdays, 9:00-10:30 am

May 25, June 1, 8 15, 22, 29; July 6, 13, 20

3) Bring SNTA Membership Fee on Saturday (includes course):

$400 Cash, Check, Money Order, My Denver Spark Card Accepted

For Questions or More information, please contact us at:

(720) 461-7904 OR annesnta@gmail.com


Steven Nash Tennis Academy, LLC

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