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high school team, collegiate and pro-level play

Professional level coaching and instruction for people of all ages and especially junior tennis players that will lead to scholarships, high school team, collegiate and pro-level play.

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The Steven Nash Tennis Academy (SNTA) is a high skill, developmental program for all ages and ability levels. We provide competitive, professional level instruction to a diverse group of juniors and adults.

The SNTA builds upon a tradition of athletic and academic excellence and mentorship that has produced generations of high school, collegiate and pro-athletes. The SNTA is located in the heart of Northeast Park Hill, a historically diverse and primarily African American neighborhood in Denver, Colorado.

Ultimately we seek to establish our own professional-grade facility for junior and adult athletes to learn, train, compete and grow the game of tennis.

Steven R. Nash

President and Founder

Steven Nash Tennis Academy


  • Recruit and train the next generation of junior ​athletes in Northeast Park Hill and beyond.
  • Emphasize sportsmanship, consistency, respect, ​discipline and mutual support.
  • Present a training regiment for tennis that will ​serve athletes throughout their lives.
  • Bring tennis to a diverse community of all ages ​and ability levels.

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Create a world-class tennis-training facility in the ​heart of Northeast Park Hill in Denver where a ​diverse group of junior and adult athletes can ​train and compete.


  • This is a high-skill developmental program for all ​ages and ability levels.

  • This is an accelerated, science-based, technical ​program designed for current and future athletes.


  • Students will learn to play the fun, engaging, social ​and competitive game of tennis!

  • Students will learn the science, strategy and ​precise mechanics for shot-making.

  • Students will learn reliable strokes and continually ​improve their game.


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Steven R. Nash

Steven R. Nash is the President and Founder of the Steven Nash Tennis Academy, and a professional tennis player who grew up and lives in Northeast Park Hill, Denver, Colorado.

At age 15, inspired by Arthur Ashe and taught the basics by his older brother, he fell in love with the game and has trained and played ever since. In addition to playing tournaments in country clubs throughout Colorado, he played on the George Washington High School tennis team in Denver, and subsequently earned a full tennis scholarship to The University of Northern Colorado.

At the University of Northern Colorado he was the first freshman ever elected to play on the varsity tennis team. He was then recruited by Metropolitan State College in Denver and transferred to be the number one player on their varsity team, and the first African-American player to hold that distinction.

Accolades include, but are not limited to:

● Presently Open Tournament Player with multiple tournament wins at every level

● Collegiate state champion, Mesa College State Open

● NCTA II Participation in Kansas City

Over the past 35 years Mr. Nash has developed a precise and concise teaching style that provides consistent modeling and practice of excellent mechanics. By understanding the movement and science behind shot-making, players can continually improve their game.

A Master racket stringer, he tests and evaluates strings and rackets, adjusting and learning with each new innovation.

SNTA Membership

Membership Benefits:

  • Foundational Course included: “Become a Tennis Player in a Week” Clinic - Become a competent player in a week through understanding the fundamentals of competitive play. During Summer 2024, SNTA Members may repeat the course and practice at no additional cost.

  • Access to all SNTA programs and private lessons.

  • Racquet Stringing Demo

  • Updates on tournaments and scholarship opportunities offered through the United States Tennis Association and other organizations.

SNTA Membership Fee: $400

Cash, check or money order accepted

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Junior tennis (8-18)

When: June 10- July 26


9:00-10:00 am

Begin any Monday

Where: McAuliffe International School Tennis Courts

2580 Holly Street on 25th Avenue

Denver, CO. 80207

Cost: $400.00 Cash, Check, Money Order accepted

Registration: Please see Registration Page.

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Become a Tennis Player in a Week...

and train all Summer Long!

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“Become a Tennis Player in a Week”

5 Day Curriculum

Become a competent player in a week through understanding the fundamentals of competitive play. This intensive and fast-paced course teaches one aspect of the game each day of the week.

May repeat the course and practice at no additional cost on a drop-in/daily basis.

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Tennis for Adults

Tennis for Teams

Teachers. Teams. Women. Men

Become a Tennis Player in A Week!

The SNTA Travels to your Location

Become a Tennis Player in a Week!

Five Day Clinic

When: June 10- July 26


10:30-11:30 am

Begin any Monday!

May repeat the course at no extra cost on a

drop-in/daily basis through July 26.

Where: McAuliffe International School Tennis Courts

2580 Holly Street on 25th Avenue

Denver, CO. 80207

Cost: $400.00 Cash, Check, Money Order accepted

Registration - Please see Registration Page.

Please contact us for more information:

(720) 461-7904 or annesnta@gmail.com

Tennis Racket and Ball

Private Lessons

Prepare for tournament, team, league, collegiate and professional play!

Personalized coaching helps players:

  • Master the fundamentals of competitive play
  • Acquire advanced stroking techniques
  • Gain strategies to stay calm under pressure
  • Prepare mentally and physically for competitive events
  • Advance quickly through individualized program
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Please contact us for more information or to schedule a lesson:

(720) 461-7904 or annesnta@gmail.com


1) Please fill out pre-registration form here

or call/email annesnta@gmail.com or (720)461-7904.

2) Attend Saturday in-Person Registration for payment, packet and racquet!

Where: McAuliffe International School Tennis Courts on 25th Avenue

2540 Holly Street

Denver, Colorado 80207

When: Saturdays, 9:00-10:30 am

May 25, June 1, 8 15, 22, 29; July 6, 13, 20

3) Bring SNTA Membership Fee on Saturday (includes course):

$400 Cash, Check, Money Order, My Denver Spark Card Accepted

For Questions or More information, please contact us at:

(720) 461-7904 OR annesnta@gmail.com


Steven Nash Tennis Academy, LLC

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